Signature Series Rods

J.D. Wagner Bamboo Flyrods, Hex and Quad

All rods are built using the finest materials available with an eye toward detail and quality and are available in over 20 standard taper configurations as well as by custom request. All components utilized in our Signature Series rods are standard with no "up charges". See some photographs of these rods in our Photo Gallery, with some additional close-ups on our Details page. Because we make rods in batches, from time to time we may have a rod available for immediate delivery. Please check the available listings.

Current Pricing:

2 piece rods, complete $2545 plus shipping
3 piece rods, complete $2695 plus shipping
Quad Models: Add $150 to above.

T&T/Heddon Style Swelled Butts: Add $100 to above.

All Federal Excise Taxes paid.

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