Other Links of Interest

Davis Fly Designs: Once in a great while I'll be at a show and see an artist or craftsman who just stops me dead in my tracks. Such was the case at this show when I saw the booth of Shawn and Brenda Davis of Davis Fly Designs. Shawn was gone from the booth, having unfortunately come down with some gunk that seemed to be going around the show, so I didn't get to talk with him. But his fly tying artwork, and the photographic artwork of his wife, spoke for itself. Check them out!

Wilderness Fly Fishing: Jeremy Lucas runs this fine company that specializes in fishing on the edge- the last wild places- throughout Europe. A man with an incredible resume', Jeremy guided us on our extrardinary trip to the San River in Poland in October, 2007. His company also offers flyfishing instruction along with his tours and guiding to the best of the UK and Europe.

Flyfish Poland.com : Co-Owner Wojtek Gibinski, along with Jeremy Lucas listed above, showed us an incredible time in Poland. Wojtek is a genius that arranged our schedule and trip, greeted guests from all over Europe(seamlessly switching from Polish to English to French) and made us feel right at home at the lodge. Check out his website and the beautiful slideshows, and you'll know at once why we wanted to come back before we even left!

Ed Engle's Wepage: One of our oldest friends in 'the business', Ed is a true flyfishing pro. He's a noted and well-recived author of books, newspaper articles, and writes for a variety of fly fishing publications. An awesome fly tier, he's also a master at fishing the tailwaters, most noteably the South Platte. Ed does some guiding/instruction and also is available for seminars. One of the true gentlemen of the sport, check out his page!

Oil Creek Outfitters

        Another of my oldest friends in 'the business' along the best western PA stream.  Mike Laskowski  has everything you need to make your trip a success: tackle, stream conditions, encyclopedic hatch knowledge, guide service and much more! See ya there!


         Planning a trip to Colorado? This guide service offers it all: fantastic, personable, highly experienced guides; access to prime trophy trout waters on a year-round basis; instruction from beginners to advanced levels. Check out their website and plan a trip with them! Highly recommended.

Fuller's North Branch Outfitters

        If you are planning a trip up to fish the streams of northern Michigan, check out FNBO. They've got it all...fine lodging and dining, history out the wazoo, superior guiding...the whole experience that makes a trip.Great facility, great people.

Monte Casey, North Coast Steelhead Guide:

        It is not widely known(yet), but the northern Ohio tributaries- from the western Cleveland suburbs to the Pennsylvania line- have some of the best steelhead fishing you could imagine. I spoke with people that really know the water that have told me that when conditions are perfect, two good anglers might hook up on 100 fish in a day. Amazing. Take a minute to visit and bookmark Monte's site, www.steelheadguide.com so if you happen to be passing through the area during a run, or are looking to sample the fishery you'll know the person to contact.

American Smoking Pipe Company

         I can think of few pleasures that go as naturally with enjoying a fine cane rod then resting along a stream enjoying a fine handcrafted pipe. Recently, I had the pleasure to meet master pipe maker Mark Tinsky along the banks of Penn's Creek. Mark and his wife are fine and very talented craftspeople who earn their bread making beautiful smoking pipes at their shop in Pocono Lake, P.A. I was so impressed that I immediately placed an order, not just because of the quality of their work, but because their pipes are such a fine reflection of themselves. Their company also offers pipemaking supplies for those that wish to try their hand at building one, as well as pipe repair and restoration. Their site is a rich cornucopia of pipemaking lore and information.

Carol Rowan, Artist:

          We recently purchased a work of art from Carol after seeing her work at the College Park, MD. show. Carol specializes in graphite drawings and prints and has a number of angling-related works that are perfect for decorating home, office or fishing camp. Check out her attractive webpage! 

The Feathered Hook

          I recently had the pleasure to return to Penns Creek after too long an absence from the area. Pulling into Coburn to pick up some supplies, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the Fly Shop and B&B, The Feathered Hook, was now being run by Jonas Price. He has made great efforts to have a huge inventory of local fly patterns on hand as well as other assorted angling needs.  He also runs the fisherman friendly B&B and offers a guiding service. This is a world class area to fish with easy access to Penns, Pine, Elk, Fishing, and Fisherman's Paradise. Check out his website for the latest fishing conditions and B&B availability.

TMF Sport Shop

         Located in Ravenna, Ohio this fine store features a comprehensive selection of tackle, fly tying accessories, books and software, quality guns, knives and outdoor apparel. They also sponsor classes related to the sport of flyfishing and the atmosphere is warm, relaxed and congenial. We are proud to offer our rods through such fine folks, please check them out on your next stop out to TMF.

Mad River Outfitters

          This fine store, located in Columbus, Ohio is one of our many dealers. They feature a full line of quality flyfishing tackle including our Patriot series rods. They also have a full guide service and sponsor classes, trips and seminars. Check with them to purchase tackle by mail at the best prices.

Catskill Flies

          If you are planning a trip to fish the historic Catskill streams, stop by and get the latest info and local fly patterns at Catskill Flies. This shop features tackle, artwork, clothing, guide services and much more. And check out the stream conditions and hatches before you take your trip to "Trout Town, USA"- Roscoe, N.Y.

Sunnybrook Trout Club

         Located in Sandusky, Ohio this fine facility is home to our cane rodbuilding classes. The club offers a relaxed, quiet and elegant setting for conferences and events as well as 3 1/2 miles of private spring-fed trout water. The stream's constant year round temperature allows one to fish anytime, even in the dead of winter! The staff is warm and gracious, the food fantastic, the accommodations clean and spacious. Enjoy a great time with some of the nicest people you'd want to meet!

Jeff Wagner The finest cane rods available anywhere...

Wildscape, Inc.

             Looking for a totally unique gift idea?  Ben and Kathy Stout are wildlife biologists that have found a creative way of fashioning jewelry: introduce precious and semiprecious stones into the aquatic environment of the Great Brown Autumn Sedge caddisfly.  This species then builds a case using the stones.  After the caddisflies hatch, the cases are harvested and then used to create amazing pieces of jewelry.  You have to see it to believe it.

Buckeye United Flyfishers,Inc.

            Everything you need to know about flyfishing in Ohio. Stream updates, columnists, and tons of excellent links.

Arne Mason

            We make Arne's beautiful leather cases available as an option for our rods. Check out this talented artist's webpage to view his entire line of fine leather goods. Outstanding craftsmanship!

The American Museum of Fly Fishing

             The American Museum of Fly Fishing is located in Manchester, Vt. and its mission is to preserve our fly fishing heritage and history. They have an extensive collection at this facility and it's a great place to visit and learn about all aspects of our sport. By becoming a member you can help acheive their goals and also receive numerous membership benefits including their quarterly journal, The American Fly Fisher.

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