Signature Series Tapers

The following taper list describes rods considered excellent 'all around' types as well as those suited for more specialized fishing situations. Our tapers are derived from our respect for over 100 years of rodbuilding tradition combined with today's superior finishes, adhesives and components. If you are looking for a particular length and line weight not listed, please contact us. We continue to add new tapers to the list and may have exactly what you are looking for.

From time to time, we may have a rod available for immediate delivery. Please check the current listings.

Except as noted, all rods are available in two or three piece models.
Line designations are for double taper lines.

6' 3" - 3 wt. and 4 wt.
The ultimate midge rod, very light and delicate. The three piece configuration packs down to about 25 inches in length. Super rods for small streams and backpacking trips.
6' 3" 3-4 wt.
Designed to cast either a DT-3 or DT-4. Two piece only. A fantastic spring creek rod where delicacy of presentation is of utmost importance.
6'5" 3-4 wt.
Freaking Awesome. Very fine tips, very delicate, lays out line beautifully.
6'6" 2 wt.
A very useful 2 wt.! In a short length for tight, bushy streams but will also lay out a very nice long line. Medium fast action.
6'8" 3 wt.
A medium fast rod, the taper taken from a classic F.E. Thomas. Made with very fine tips and a mildly swelled butt this rod is a joy to cast from 0-35ft.
7' 1-2 wt.
Taper from a classic Leonard.  A medium to slow action rod, this rod is a real 'kick' to cast and makes a 6" brook trout (or a nice bluegill) feel like a monster.  Ultra fine tips and a joy to cast with either a DT1 or DT2. Unlike so many graphite 1-2 wt. rods, you can feel this rod load at all distances. (Photo below)
7' -3 wt.
A medium fast action rod with a moderately swelled butt, this rod is a joy with a DT3 line.The perfect rod for small streams and tiny flies!
7' - 4 wt.
A general purpose rod. A "pocket rocket".
7' 3" - 4-5 wt.
A very versatile rod with the ability to cast either DT-4 or DT-5 with equal facility. This rod is our largest seller and is a fast rod with a DT-4, and is slightly slower with a DT-5, yet doesn't feel overlined or overstrained. 
7' 6"-3wt.
Another medium fast action rod. Perfect for delicate presentations in demanding fishing situations; a great rod for fishing spring creeks.
7' 6" - 4 wt.
Perfection in an intermediate length 4 wt rod.
7' 6" and 8' - 5 wt.
Works well at all distances and can also throw an incredible amount of line.
8' - 3 wt.
Supreme delicacy in a length and line weight not generally available in a cane rod. Longer length facilitates mending line yet has a very sensitive tip to protect ultrafine tippets. Ideal for flat water midge fishing.
8' - 4 wt.
Features a Heddon/TT style swelled butt and fine tips. Medium fast action. A very sweet light line rod in a longer length...great on big water.
8'-4-5 wt.
This is one rod featured in a review by Ed Engle in the Winter '98 issue of the Angler's Journal. The taper is taken from a classic F.E. Thomas and is a delightful medium fast action rod that can lay out a line with great delicacy.
8' - 5-6 wt.
Taper taken from a classic Leonard Hunt. A fast action rod with plenty of heft in the butt section, this rod can really cast a line. Perfect for fishing larger water, or when needing to punch larger flies through the wind.
8' 5-6 wt.
Since adding this rod in 2000, it has become a best seller. The key to this rod is versatility in spades! The taper was taken from an original Paul Young Para 15 with wet and dry tips. Don't believe anything you read concerning the need for 'pinpoint timing' with parabolic rods...such statements are more reflective of the author's ego. This rod comes with a fast dry tip best suited for a DT5 line and a heavier tip for up to WF7 line. As a result this rod can be used for all manner of trout fishing, light bass and pike fishing, even light's a cannon, and unlike the orginal Young rods we also make it available in 3-piece design for portability.
8' 6" - 5 wt.
Offered in two configurations, the 8' 6" - 5 wt. rod was deemed most versatile in "Fishing Bamboo" by John Gierach. One model is a very quick and progressive casting taper. The second is lighter, more stately and relaxed. Please specify your preference. Available in three piece only.
Bluegill fun w/ a Wagner 1-2 wt!

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